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Water Management

By admin on Monday, October 3, 2011
Category: Water Management

Water Management
Due to the several reasons, we all see and feel the climatic changes occurring around us, the very important resource ”Water”  by 70% of human body is made is seeming uncertain for example we can see uncertain rainfall, rising of the sea level, melting of Ice at the Poles, etc which ultimately also points us to think for ‘’Water Management”. Many of us are still not aware of managing this precious resource & when it comes of water management people thinks it is a “Free Resource” given by the Nature. But infect in the upcoming year we should be careful of this “Free Resource” and its utilisation and planning, because the slogan will seem true in the upcoming future “Save Water, Water Will Save You”. The UN has also accepted this and declared 2005-15 as “Water for Life” period. This means how to use available water and find out the alternative measures for future.

The level of the population and the standard of living of people has rise than before, the science and technology is also developing at a great extent, water is one of the basic necessity for life apart from domestic consumption, water is necessary for industrial and agricultural purposes and day by day as the population increases the need of water is also increasing. This ultimately results in the crisis; the crisis of water in our country during summer season is the example.

Shortfall between demand and available supply of water

Water security (whether it be the challenge of too little water over long periods of time, or too much water all at once) is one of the most tangible and fastest-growing social, political and economic challenges faced today. It is also a fast-unfolding environmental crisis. In every sector, the demand for water is expected to increase and analysis suggests that the world will face a 40% global shortfall between forecast demand and available supply by 2030. (Read more)(

Thirsty Energy: Water and Energy in the 21st Century
The relationship of water and energy is ageless and continues to evolve. Understanding how best to optimize the use of water and energy will be critical for business leaders and policy-makers. The energy industry cannot single-handedly solve the growing global water crisis.(Read more)(