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Top Careers

By admin on Friday, October 26, 2012
Category: Careers

In India almost for schools and colleges term ended and the new term will begin, in this vacation time students will be busy for the preparation of various entrance examinations, taking vocational/ crash courses, playing sports, other extracurricular activities and certain will be on holidays.
In this hot summer mid of the vacations going on, we will take glance on the future most growing careers…

1) Health Care: Time moves on its own peace and so we have to, and to maintain the peace with the highly growing competition, technological changes, new inventions, etc, men in today’s world runs like anything to earn livelihood, leisure, wealth, passion, etc. If we compare the past life with the present the health care issues had increase and it is going to continue, hence the health care related qualified professionals will be in heavily in demand.
2) Information Technology: It could be said that with the blink of eyes technology gets updates from radio to 3d screens, from carts to auto cars, telegram to smart phones & smart watches, it has changed the world the IT is the most demanding career and will be in future as human dependence is increasing day by day.
3) Management: Time is free but it’s priceless, you can’t own it, but you can use it, you can’t keep it, but you can spend it, once you have lost it you can never get it back. So to utilize time in a proper manner world needs management professionals, they had been in demand and will be in future as survival won’t be possible without them.

Further post to be continued ……