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Hungry Or Full: How To Tell If The Baby Needs More Milk

By admin on Tuesday, September 4, 2018
CategoryCategorie: Early Childhood Education

If you are getting worried thinking about this, don’t! You can use a variety of methods to assess whether or not your baby is hungry. And here, we bring you some of these tips to help you out:

1. Wet Diaper Count

One of the simpler methods, the count of wet diapers can help you determine how hydrated your baby is. If you notice that the wet diaper count is less than the usual, it may be because the little one is not taking enough milk or is dehydrated.

2. Feeding Routine

At times, breastfeeding babies can indulge in cluster feeding. This sporadic feeding can worry quite a few mothers but it is a pretty normal behavior. Your little one might be eating more to store up energy so that he/she can sleep longer. It can also be because your baby is just feeling fussier at that moment.

3. Milestones Met? Or Not?

Of course, the milk that a baby consumes impact his/her development. In fact, he/she might even feel more sleepy. It can also hinder the little one’s playtime. And, can eventually impact his/her overall development. Like adults, babies also need sufficient nutrition to thrive and grow.

4. Growing Smaller Or Bigger?

In the first few months, a doc closely watches the weight of a baby. It is very essential to understand his/her growth and development. So, if the baby is not meeting the required weight milestones, it can be a sign of undernourishment.

5. Alert Or Not?

While it is pretty normal for babies to feel sleepy, he/she should become more alert with time. Being alert for the major chunk of the time is a good indication. This means that the baby is full and satisfied. He/she will tend to be more sleepy if hungry.

6. Fussiness Indicates Hunger

Fussiness is a normal baby behavior. In this case, however, it is at regular periods. It usually happens at the same time of the day. In fact, nursing has the capability to cure this fussiness. But, if the tiny angel feels hungry, he/she might feel fussier. And, rightfully so!

7. Happy Baby?

Even as adults, we don’t feel happy if we are hungry. Of course, you would have heard of the term “hangry”! Babies are no exception to this feeling. If the baby looks content and happy, it can be a sign of the baby being satisfied and full.

8. Dirty Diaper

Just like wet diapers, even the number of dirty diapers can be an indication of how well-fed the baby is. The dirty diaper looks yellow and seedy if the baby is consuming breast milk. And, the mess made is also pretty loose. If anything looks odd, please do consult your doc.

9. Milk Leak

At times, physically looking at the milk can give you an odd feeling of satisfaction that you have it. However, on the flip side, you are likely to have less leakage if your baby’s hunger needs have been met. Though it is more in the initial days when you are trying to gauge your baby’s needs, the leakage should reduce with time.

For every mommy, her baby’s well-being is most important. Knowing whether or not her angel is full plays a key role in this. No wonder then that you want to have a better understanding of it. We hope that these tips help you out in some way. Good luck!

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