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Knowledge Society

Don’t you think the current society the modern world has dramatically changed? Isn’t it more innovative, more technological, more industrial driven, speedier, and so on than ever in past, were not only the human labour, capital & other resources are substituted in society with skill, knowledge, education, innovation? Yes I am talking about the current society “Knowledge Society” in which we are living. It true “Change Is Inevitable” and the pace at which the inevitability changes, we also need to change.

If I try to explain with example, comparing to 1980’s or even upto 2000, earlier we were glad to visit the showrooms for our shopping & other stuff and now a days with change in time, we sit at home and order online in easier and the cheapest way, yes m talking about “e-commerce”. Another example of Telegrams not only replaced with Mobiles and Lapis but also has an added advantage of internet services with which we now can convey the message and can also have face to face conferences. The technology, innovations, education & modernization has changed the world.

The way it’s changing, the way it’s demanding we need to be the one who thinks out of the box and cop-up the way as it demands. Well there are several (n) number of factors that matters for us in this society whether a child, a student, a teenager, a husband / wife or even a retired citizen. Life for everyone is equally responsible at our on stage for our better tomorrow just like we earlier heard about “Karma” in philosophy lectures. The most ethical learning, principles, our knowledge our thinking out of the box will give us value.

In the society if we see at macro level, people are becoming global and they walk hand in hand together for better future, the thinking for racism, castism, will be eliminated. If we look at even corporate culture they also prefer mergers, acquisitions pure example of synergy.

Concluding the Knowledge Society will be pluralistic, broad minded, more demanding & will be concentrating on Quality Standards & Health standards for the people who can think out of the box & educated.


Following extracted from the speech of Dr. APJ Abdulkalan on “Knowledge Society”

During the last century the world has undergone a change from agriculture society, where manual labour was the critical factor, to industrial society where the management of technology, capital and labour provided the competitive advantage. Then the information era was born, last decade, where connectivity and software products are driving the economy of a few nations. In the 21st century, a new society is emerging where knowledge is the primary production resource instead of capital and labour. Efficient utilisation of this existing knowledge can create comprehensive wealth of nations and also improve the quality of life – in the form of better health, education, infrastructure and other social indicators. Ability to create and maintain the knowledge infrastructure, develop knowledge workers and enhance their productivity through creation, growth and exploitation of new knowledge will be the key factors in deciding the prosperity of this Knowledge Society. Whether a nation has arrived at a stage of knowledge society is judged by the way the country effectively deals with knowledge creation and knowledge deployment in all sectors like Agriculture and Food Processing, IT, Industries and Healthcare. Creation of such knowledge society will further trigger developments nationally and globally. For creation itself, individuals have to work together; institutions have to work together; federal set ups have to work together with nearly autonomous states within countries; institutions in different countries have to work together. That means globalization and sovereign nationalities have to function together; competition and cooperativeness have to be companions. Such type of challenge will definitely attract the youth and elicit their involvement in executing the bigger vision of the nation.

By, Dr. APJ Abdulkalam


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    United Nations. E c o n o m i c &. Understanding. Knowledge Societies. In twenty questions and answers with the Index of Knowledge Societies.

    Understanding knowledge society

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